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About Tokyo

We create scalable, global solutions for software and websites

Amazon Development Center, Japan

Our development center is located in the city of Tokyo, Japan — the world’s third largest economy and epitome of innovation and technology in Asia. Our engineers come from various parts of the globe, and this diversity in thinking and culture makes it more fun to work together to invent and build software and services not just focused on the Japanese marketplace but scale them globally. From mobile and tablet apps to desktop UI interactive designs, large-scale distributed systems, using machine learning and cloud computing, we work backwards from our Customers and do whatever it takes to deliver a delightful customer experience.

Our development center offers exceptional opportunities to grow both technical and non-technical skills by working with fellow engineers and product teams on exciting and challenging projects.  We currently have 10 technical teams in Tokyo described below and have multiple openings in Software Development (full stack), Technical Program and Product Management, User Experience Design (UXD), Applied Science, and Solutions Architecture.

Mobile Shopping 

The Japan Mobile Shopping team focuses on Japan specific initiatives in the mobile space. We work on features across all mobile platforms including mobile web, tablet, and phone applications. Our projects address two areas of customer need: invention and acceleration. We invent and innovate in areas that are specific to the Japanese mobile marketplace and work to accelerate the international expansion of globally beneficial mobile features.

Amazon Points

The Amazon Points team is focused on providing a best in class loyalty points program for all product categories on In addition to working on the Points system, our team integrates and works with all of Amazon’s key systems including search, product detail pages, shopping cart, order pipeline, and customer service. The Amazon Points program is specific to Japan and is only available on

Amazon Search Infrastructure and Operations

The Search Team creates powerful, customer-focused search and advertising solutions and technologies. Whenever a customer visits an Amazon site worldwide and types in a query or browses through product categories, Product Search services go to work. Our team designs, builds, and delivers large-scale distributed systems that support traffic to one of the Internet’s premier destination sites. We continuously push the limits of scalability while maintaining superb availability and cost efficiency. Search Infrastructure comprises a set of massively scaled, highly available, distributed web services utilizing and continually evolving, the latest technologies and techniques. These services provide the Indexing and core Search Engine technologies that power Amazon’s product search capabilities.

Search Matching Experience

The Search Matching Experience Team is a full-stack frontend and backend software development team responsible for fundamental improvements to the quality of Amazon product search worldwide. We focus on improving the relevance of search results, providing quality sorted results and improvements for best seller pages known in Japan as “Amazon Ranking”. Our team uses natural language processing, machine learning, big-data analysis and information retrieval technology to provide the best possible search results and relevance ranking. Our work impacts the quality of the data being indexed, on the basis of algorithmic detection and removal of spam. We work on language normalization, such as dealing with spelling variations and synonyms. We create an intuitive and convenient UX that enables customers to understand and refine their search better, for mobile devices, PC and tablets. We use data mining and usability data to develop new features, and we test them through hundreds of A/B experiments a year. We are driving innovative customer experiences for product search on and international Amazon websites.

Fashion Technology

Fashion Tech Team is focused on building the best in-class experience for customers who shop for clothing, shoes, jewelry and watches on both desktop and mobile devices. We aspire to be the leader in fashion e-commerce and opportunistic on setting the standard. We develop features for browsing, search, detail page, and perform analytics to continuously improve the customer experience.

Seller Services 

To increase selection along with our vision of the Earth's Biggest Selection, we are primarily building software solutions to simplify the process of adding new products to the Amazon catalog and lower the bar for third party sellers to start selling on We also work on implementing Japan specific requirements to improve seller/customer experience.

Consumer Experience

The Consumer Experience team accelerates feature and program parity, innovation, and, where appropriate, local differentiation across all of our existing and emerging international locales. We make sure that each of our websites is a thoughtful combination of Amazon known best practices and unique last mile engineering driven by Japan’s customers’ needs. Our work spans the technology stack from front-end customer experience to back-end service technology and has very high visibility to senior leadership with small teams owning very impactful elements.

Amazon Information Security

InfoSec is a team of extremely talented security professionals obsessed with protecting our customers’ data and trust. We operate a global security operation center to respond to any emerging security incidents. We build and manage tools to monitor and detect potential security events at a scale unseen anywhere. We design and help build secure applications used by hundreds of millions of customers every day. We are the guardian of customer trust.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is Amazon’s on-demand Cloud Computing platform. Whether you are running applications that share photos or support the critical operations of your business, you need rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources. AWS provides on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. For more details, see AWS Career Site.

Delivery Experience (DEX)

The DEX team creates convenient, faster and accurate delivery options to Amazon customers across every facet of their shopping experience. We build highly scalable and available delivery services to meet the growing demands in Japan marketplace.

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