About Wroclaw

Poland’s “Venice”

The largest city in western Poland with more than 600,000 inhabitants, Wroclaw is built upon twelve islands, surrounded by canals and rivers and home to more than 130 bridges, hence “Poland’s Venice”. The city was founded as a Bohemian stronghold at the intersection of two trade routes, the Via Regia and the Amber Road sometime during the 10th Century. At various times, Wroclaw has been part of the Kingdom of Poland, Bohemia, the Austrian Empire, Prussia, and Germany. Since World War II, it has been the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

This city is set to satisfy anyone’s expectations: be it history, architecture, cultural events or an electrifying nightlife! In addition to its beautiful Market Place, which was rebuild almost from scratch after the 1945 siege, beautiful bridges, awe-inspiring architecture, Wroclaw is also famous for its night clubs, bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues. Oh and an upcoming coronation of this exciting city as 2016’s “European Capital of Culture” will bring along more buzz than ever!

One City, Two Fulfillment Centers

Amazon currently operates two fulfillment centers close to Wroclaw in Bielany Wrocławskie, in the municipality of Kobierzyce. They each are 95,000 square metres, or the size of 13 football pitches. Both of these two fulfillment centers are integrated into the European Fulfillment Network and are catering for the customer orders all over Europe.

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