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Product and Program Management

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Define and deliver the future of AWS

At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we're changing the way the world builds software.

AWS Product and Program Managers define, build, launch and deliver the cloud-based solutions that a vast array of organizations are moving to every day.  The work is never dull, the goals never modest.  Our Product and Program Managers actively build their internal and external partnerships, collaborating to take business requirements from mere specs to products and services that have extraordinary rates of customer adoption. These are innovators and communicators, who lead, initiate, advocate and influence.  AWS Product and Program Managers have the autonomy, ownership, and responsibility to invent on behalf of customers and to deliver new products and features that meet customers’ rapidly growing needs.

AWS Product and Program Managers are leaders who move quickly, with a focused determination to get things done, breaking down complex problems to make data-driven decisions that best serve customers. AWS Product Managers are responsible for building business and pricing models, identifying bold moves to grow the business in current and adjacent markets, representing products to customers and executive leadership, and are the overall business owner of the product.  AWS Program Managers are responsible for timely and successful delivery of the system, anticipating bottlenecks, making tradeoffs, and welcoming an acceptable level of risk to maximize business benefit.  

As key figures in the evolution of our offerings and our business, successful AWS Product and Program Managers have the opportunity to develop into senior-level general managers who independently run large business segments and organizations.

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