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Payment Risk

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Welcome to the Payment Risk Jobs!

Our mission is to protect our Customers and Amazon from payment related fraud, misuse, and abuse. We work hard to make Amazon the safest and most trusted place on earth by protecting the innocent and deterring the ill-intentioned. We stand proud to be a customer-focused and an innovative group not only solving complex challenges, but always promoting exceptional value through innovation and superior technical know-how.


We are a team spanning worldwide where our greatest strength is our individual team members, who, through our diverse backgrounds and dedication, strengthen our organization's capabilities to deliver for our Customers. Join us to protect our  Customers in a powerful combination of both human and artificual intelligence.

What team members say about working in Payment Risk...

"I can go home every day knowing I contributed something to try to make the world a better place"

"You get to dive into things that you're interested in"

"I'm proud proud of the work I do to protect Amazon's customers in providing the end to end, secure shopping experience for them"

"There is endless opportunities to grow"

"There are challenges waiting for me every day, so I learn every day and go back feeling satisfied"

Meet Amazonians working in Payment Risk

Meet the Team

Meet the San Diego Buyer Risk Prevention Team

View to learn more about the team comprised of different roles who innovate & improve the Customer’s experience. 

Meet Shang, Software Engineer at Amazon

Shang and her team make contributions to help protect Amazon customers from buyer fraud every day.

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