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The global accounting organization is hiring senior financial analysts, managers, and senior managers for roles throughout the accounting department including supporting our retail, merchant marketplace, payments, digital video, kindle, and cloud computing lines of business, financial reporting, internal controls, policy, logistics, fulfillment center expansion, operating expenses, treasury and equity, and our expansion/project teams.

What can you expect from a life in the accounting org? You will be surrounded by people that are exceptionally talented, bright, and driven. You will need to be highly analytical and possess a strong passion for accounting, setting high standards, and staying ahead of a dynamic and fast growing business. We take working hard, having fun, and making history seriously – you should too! We are always looking for top talent!

Finance at Amazon

Finance at Amazon

A look at how Amazon Finance makes a global impact on the growth and scale of the company.

Life at Amazon Finance, Luxembourg

Hear about Adya's role working in Finance at Amazon, her experiences with the WiFi (Women in Finance) Network and re-locating to Luxembourg.

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