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We harness the power of Amazon’s community of shoppers, influencers, brands and sellers to help customers discover, evaluate and confidently purchase on Amazon.

The modern internet era changed how people shop. Years ago, when Amazon launched Customer Reviews, the concept of leveraging the opinions of other shoppers was relatively new. Today, it’s an expected component of a great shopping experience. Amazon continues to innovate new ways for customers to share authentic feedback about products – positive or negative.

The Community Shopping team owns experiences in our store that involve more than one customer. We are an engine for evaluation and curation leveraging the voice of shoppers. In addition to Customer Reviews, you’ve likely experienced a number of our other programs like Customer Q&A, Deals, #FoundItOnAmazon, Gifting and Wish lists. We also own the systems that tie together these different kinds of contributions to our store, including technologies for profile management, gamification, content understanding, moderation and abuse. Community Shopping is an innovators playground – a place where builders can create brand new customer experiences from scratch and help Amazon continue in its role as the leader in e-commerce.

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Community driven customer experiences

The Social Shopping Team owns customer shopping experiences that involve multiple people like Lists, Q&A and personalization.

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