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Developing innovative technology to support health and wellness

Amazon Halo is a new approach to improving health and wellness. Halo provides cutting-edge tools, personalized data, and useful insights. Halo also offers a library of programs designed to help people discover what works for them. Our team builds innovative products and features, from tracking your health metrics from your wrist with Halo View, to analyzing your sleep with Halo Rise.

In 2022, we launched Halo Rise, a first-of-its-kind contactless sleep tracker. It's powered by low-energy sensor technology and advanced machine learning. Halo Rise has the features of products you would typically find on your nightstand, like a light, an alarm, a clock, and now a sleep tracker. Halo Rise works in the background, so there's nothing you need to do on a nightly basis. Ambient Intelligence lets you to get the benefits of the sleep tracker without having to lift a finger.

Our team is dedicated to creating a frustration-free experience for our customers. Here, you'll work with people who are passionate about solving customer problems through innovative technology. You'll be able to impact people across the globe and deliver solutions never thought possible. Our work is challenging, and we change the way our customers live their lives.

Get to know Amazon Halo

The Amazon Halo Team

Meet the team that constantly strives to find new ways to make the journey to wellness more valuable and fun.

Amazon Halo: Privacy and security

Halo uses multiple layers of privacy and security to keep your data safe and in your control.

Amazon Halo helps you measure and improve your health

Amazon Halo uses science-backed tools and expert-backed guidance to help you better understand your health and build healthier habits.

Amazon Halo Fitness

Learn more about our ever-evolving library of fitness content designed to help you along your fitness journey.

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