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International Technology

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Own the discovery and delivery of Amazon's Engineering


Who we are

We are the International Technology (INTech) family. Great to meet you! We own the discovery and delivery of Amazon’s engineering to all the customers and cultures of the world. We do this through a combination of innovative new projects and partnerships with other Amazon technical teams. We make sure that each of our websites is a thoughtful combination of best practices and unique last mile engineering driven by each country’s customers’ needs. Our work spans the technology stack from front-end customer experience to back-end service technology and has very high visibility to senior leadership with small teams driving high impact solutions.


Like all Amazon teams, we Work Hard, Have Fun and Make History. And we're passionate about our people. From ensuring our teams are safe and well, to dedicated focus on career and skill development, our priority is our people.


Where we are

Spanning across 4 continents and 14 countries, INTech is a truly worldwide team. Our largest population sites are in Luxembourg, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Beijing and Seattle; and there are plenty more sites and teams to choose from!


What we do

Serving the customers of the world, we have teams covering the following areas:


International Expansion


Delivery Experience




Global Store


Tax & Invoicing



& much, much more!

Join Us!


Help us define and build the best experience for our worldwide customers.

To realise the needs of our diverse customers and businesses, we need a diverse team of talented, innovative and unique builders. If this sounds like you, we want to learn more about you! Check out our roles below and apply to join our team today.

Life at Amazon InTech.

International Technology

Meet some of our people in the INTech team.

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