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Operations IT

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IT at the heart of Amazon Operations.

Our high-performing Information Technology team enables our Operations network to grow, scale, and deliver to our customers efficiently and with the highest standards. We shape the Amazon IT landscape by running exceptional technology for tens of thousands of associates. We push boundaries to simplify and innovate to create long-term value for our people and for the business. We are building a world-class IT organization.

At Amazon, we strive to hire the best employees on Earth. This means that we hire people from all walks of life, including people with disabilities, who are some of our highest-performing employees. If you have a condition or disability that requires accommodation in the interview process, please inform your recruiter. We want every candidate to have an excellent experience and a fair opportunity to perform well when interviewing for a position. Informing your recruiter will not hinder your chances, but rather will help you put your best foot forward during the recruitment process.

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IT Technicians report to an IT Manager and work closely with the business, their colleagues, and remote support teams to implement and maintain infrastructure. Technicians represent the face of IT to the business and thrive on providing world-class service to our customers.

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IT Engineers build and operate infrastructure environments and provide critical input to ensure platforms are designed with operability in mind and infrastructure work moves forward successfully. As no two days are the same at Amazon, they thrive on change and embrace ambiguity.

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IT Managers demonstrate technical aptitude over a large scope of software, hardware, and networking disciplines. They coordinate training, manage resources, and provide leadership to a world-class staff in a fast-paced environment, always with a focus on customer service.

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Senior Regional IT Manager

Giuseppina joined Amazon in 2018 as a Senior Regional IT Manager in London. She is responsible for supporting the customer fulfilment IT infrastructure across the UK. Her team ensures the technology behind the scenes when an Amazon customer clicks ‘Buy Now’ functions properly and we never break a customer promise. What Giuseppina likes most about Amazon’s culture is the great energy that flows through her workplace and every member of her team.

Outside of work, Giuseppina enjoys spending time with her husband and her two adult children. She loves reading, walking, attending film festivals, and keeping up-to-date with all the latest trends in the world of technology.


Having a manufacturing and warehouse support background prepared Fiorella for the challenge of working in the Amazon Vision Operations Center’s fast-paced and collaborative environment. She monitors and verifies inventory levels at fulfillment centers, ensuring customers can purchase what they need, when they need it and enabling Amazon to deliver on the commitments we’ve made to our customers.

Fiorella appreciates that Amazon encourages her to gain both theoretical and on-the-job training. While supporting her work projects, she is also in school studying business science. When she’s at work, she’s able to use her knowledge from her studies and past experiences to make a real and lasting impact for Amazon customers.

Outside of work, Fiorella is an avid hiker, exploring Cost Rica’s mountain ranges. She also loves learning - whether she is taking trainings Amazon offers or attending a lecture at school, she takes every opportunity to stretch and use her knowledge.


Being a yogi and a quick learner helps Eddy thrive on his fast-paced team, which monitors and verifies inventory levels at fulfillment centers to ensure Amazon meets its commitments to customers worldwide. The associates on Eddy’s team provide global inventory updates in real-time. Their work supports machine counting and inventory management, as humans sometimes have to make judgment calls that computers can’t. His team sees when items are potentially damaged or in the wrong spot and makes corrections to ensure every item ordered gets to its final destination.

To build teamwork, Eddy serves as a training lead. His proudest moment as an Amazonian occurred when a new team member mentioned that his training session helped her in her role. Yoga and meditation play a key part, helping Eddy and other teammates stay focused and relaxed.


IT Manager

With more than 25 years of IT experience spanning remote services to production management, Diane couldn’t resist the opportunity to work at Amazon. She leads a team which serves as the nerve center for Last Mile delivery by providing IT support to Amazon fulfillment centers. She and her team are constantly innovating. They provide the services and support that allows Amazon to meet its commitments to customers around the world. This duty inspires them to develop novel solutions every day, at scale, to maintain customer trust.

As a leader, Diane makes sure her team meets its goals by promoting growth and exploration. She states, "We’re facing new challenges every day, because we’re growing at an unprecedented rate. I push my team to learn and to grow because we could never meet our responsibilities without constantly improving, and Amazon fully supports that through lectures, online training, and in-person exercises."


Regional IT Manager

Vicky runs the central nervous system of Amazon’s UK operations, managing the IT infrastructure within fulfillment centers – her job is to ensure we live up to every promise we make to customers. Her team guarantees our networks, servers, wires, and robots carry logistical and customer data to the right teams to ensure we deliver packages and services on time, every time.

Supporting her team in developing new ideas to improve IT infrastructure is a passion of Vicky’s, but learning and development isn’t the only arena where she has delivered outstanding results. She recently supported a building launch that was the first outside of North America to have an engagement platform featuring video game experiences for employees as they work. The team was on a tight deadline, but they were able to gain the confidence of operational leadership and deliver this experience on time to employees.

While not at work, Vicky can be found playing video games with her husband and four children. She is also an avid cyclist and amateur photographer.


Amazon Vision Operations Center Associate

As a nutritionist, Waleska draws on her desire to help people live safer and healthier. Her role within the Vision Operations Center focuses on implementing policies to support Amazon’s health and safety procedures. She takes pride in supporting her team and keeping our colleagues safe, while ensuring we deliver on-time support to our customers around the world.

Waleska’s proudest moment as an Amazonian was launching a successful health and safety pilot. Her role focused on ensuring teams had the rules and confidence to keep employees and customers safe. This opportunity gave her the chance to serve as a coach and mentor, skills she wants to continue to develop in the future. For Waleska, working at Amazon provides an endless supply of opportunities to grow and learn.

Outside of the office, Waleska loves to exercise, visit Costa Rica’s beaches, hike, and take her dog Nina for long walks.

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