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Personalizing the customer experience for every Amazon shopper

Personalization teams own the features that serve up recommendations and customized content for shoppers.  We’re obsessed with creating a shopping experience that helps people easily find and purchase the items they need - an experience that caters to the unique interests of each individual shopper.

We invent the features that give Amazon customers the feeling that we really know them. We leverage high volumes of customer insights and machine learning technologies to deliver millions of unique shopping experiences every day. We own things like 'Recommended for you' and 'Top picks', which provide recommendations across retail product categories, Kindle content and product selection inspired by your own Wish lists. We also own 'Interesting finds', a selection of some of Amazon’s most beautiful and unusual products updated daily, where shoppers can curate their own collections around themes. Throughout the shopper’s journey, from the home page to checkout, we identify opportunities to delight customers with a customized experience optimized for their own interests.


We may make it look easy, but personalizing at the massive scale of Amazon, and rendering a unique experience for every shopper, while finding, testing and building new personalization technologies is the work of focused and entrepreneurial tech and product management teams. Personalization is a core component of the Amazon shopping experience and joining our team is an opportunity to invent on behalf of, and delight, millions of customers around the world.

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