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Innovating the shopping experience for customers worldwide

If you have searched for an item to buy on Amazon, you have used our search services. We are a team responsible for the search and discovery experience for our customers worldwide. In the background, we index our worldwide catalog of products, deploy highly scalable AWS fleets, and use advanced machine learning to match relevant and interesting products to every customer's query. We provide information, answer questions, and make recommendations to help customers find what they're looking for, and utilize deep learning-based computer vision solutions, like the Amazon App camera search, so customers can easily and quickly search the world around them. We build augmented reality technology, like Amazon’s AR View feature, so customers can envision products they want to buy within their home. We build on Amazon’s personalization technology to help customers discover what they need and want.

Our search customer experience is made possible by an innovative team of engineers, research and applied scientists, product and program managers, designers, and economists in Seattle and in Amazon offices around the world.

Together, we are building the best way for our customers to shop - if you are looking to build products that delight customers and you enjoy scientific, and technical challenges, check out the job listings below. We would love to hear from you.

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Introducing Amazon’s AR View

AR View lets you view thousands of products in your home, before you buy them.

Amazon Camera Search: Finding the Dranicorn

Amazon’s Camera Search helps you find products even when you don’t know what they’re called. Try it in the Amazon App.

Meet the Amazon Search team

The Amazon Search team is innovating the shopping experience for customers worldwide. Come build the future with us.

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