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Designing intuitive experiences for customers

We are obsessed with our customers and work backwards to solve complex problems with thoughtfully simple solutions. These results should always elevate the user experience and put design into high gear. We are passionate about discovering unanticipated needs, designing innovative products and soulful experiences that exude the finest craftsmanship. We believe in storytelling and that it gives us reason to believe. Story telling allows us to think holistically and craft the "why" of all that we ship. We insist on raising the bar with every element of design that is executed. We are makers.

Our team drives innovation and delivery of Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Kindle, Echo, Amazon Tap, Echo Dot and future product strategies. Our focus is on crafting design concepts that are relevant and landing them into products at the highest quality. In order to achieve this, we believe that each designer regardless of expertise needs to exercise three design muscle groups: Story Telling, Taste Making, & Systems Thinking. 

At the end of the day, we believe in having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously. It’s the people on this team that make the days go by quick, the conversations run deep, the high fives a tad higher, and the laughter that hurts in a great way. 

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Stories from Amazon Design

Meet Scott, Creative Director

Scott and his team of UX Designers are responsible for creating delightful experiences for our Alexa-enabled products and services.

Meet Olivia, Senior UX Motion Designer

Olivia spends her days envisioning new ways to showcase our device experiences through the craft of motion design.

Meet Corey, Senior UX Producer

Corey and his team of designers are truly customer obsessed as they focus on the best possible unboxing experience for our products.

Meet Chris, Senior UX Sound Designer

Chris leads our expert sound design team that literally makes our devices sing, from Amazon Echo's earcons to Fire TV and Tablet UI sounds.

Meet Sarita, Interaction Designer

Sarita spends her time solving complex UX platform and framework challenges on our Alexa-enabled devices.

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