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Hiring Programs and Jobs for The Military Spouse Community

Amazon values the skills that Military Spouses bring to the workforce. As proof, military spouses work under every line of business across the company and we’d like to keep it that way! We encourage all military spouses to apply to any role they are qualified for. Amazon currently employs more than 10,000 military spouses across all businesses, including Operations, Sustainability, Alexa, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon is pledging to hire over 100,000 U.S. veterans and military spouses by 2024, building on its commitment to military families after far exceeding its pledge to hire 25,000 by 2021.

One of the ways that Amazon supports the military spouse community is through Military Spouse Fellowship programs. Military spouse fellowship programs provide military spouses fellowship opportunities in a variety of different roles at Amazon. The goal of these programs is to further expand the growth of military spouses into sustainable, meaningful career fields within Amazon.  Through these 12-week fellowship programs, military spouses will gain and have access to: professional training, networking, military spouse events, and hands-on-job experience. 

Military Spouse Fellowship Programs


Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellowship Program

This cutting-edge initiative provides military spouses with professional training, networking, and hands-on experience in the civilian workforce. The professional development and direct connection to local employers offered through the program enable military spouses to quickly build their networks and gain localized job experience.

Amazon's Milspouse Fellow Program

Amazon’s Milspouse Fellow program provides remote, portable fellowship opportunities to further expand the growth of military spouses into sustainable, meaningful career fields within Amazon. Through this 12-week remote fellowship program, military spouses will gain and have access to: professional training, networking, military spouse events, and hands-on-job experience. The program will provide for both cohort based and individual fellowships based on business need.


How do I apply for a Fellowship Opportunity?

Apply for an opportunity listed directly if you meet all basic qualifications and timeline expectations or through the HoH MSF Program.

Am I eligible for Military Spouse Programs if my partner is no longer Active Duty? 

Yes. In the spirit of inclusivity, a military spouse is defined (outside the confines of federal entities) as a current or former partner of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, including Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, and Veterans. This includes Spouse Caregivers, Dual Military Spouses, and Gold Star Spouses.

How likely am I to receive a full time offer at the end of my fellowship?

The goal of the fellowship programs is to provide professional, hands on training and extend full time positions if available to fellowship participants, however, business needs change on a daily basis and as such, Amazon cannot make any guarantees for full time employment offers. Fellowship host teams and the Military Spouse Program Manager will work to support fellows throughout the 12 weeks to ensure success.

Why choose Amazon for a fellowship?

Amazon strives to be Earth’s best employer, we strive to retain the best and the brightest and we are committed to helping military spouses identify and retain full time positions with Amazon. We offer a variety of all-encompassing, competitive and supportive fellowship roles Amazon wide. Our fellows are supported throughout the entirety of the fellowship process; from the submission of the application all the way through to graduation and beyond with our Military Affinity groups, Mentorship programs, and more.

Where can I find the locations listed for the various opportunities?

Opportunities posted will either be open to the U.S./Virtual/or list out location specifics in the posting We don’t know locations of opportunities until they are confirmed with the host team and posted OR once confirmed to participate in the upcoming cohort.

What are some examples of fellowship roles?

Fellowship roles vary based on business need. Amazon is constantly growing and expanding and new opportunities not listed below are created regularly.

 Examples of previous and current fellowship roles at Amazon include: Program Manager, Senior Vendor Manager, Sourcing Recruiter, Content Creator, Security Consultant, Learning Experience Designer, Senior HR Assistant, Operations Manager, Engagement Manager, and MORE! Businesses within Amazon include: AWS (Amazon Web Services), Consumer, Finance, Engineering Planning and Analytics, HR, Amazon Devices, and MORE!

I don't see an opportunity of interest posted that meets what I'm looking for (timeline, location, etc.), what do I do next?

If you do not see a direct opportunity of interest, you can apply for the HoH Military Spouse Fellowship program that we are a large participant for. You can also begin your full-time search on our primary jobs search page. 

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