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Luxembourg City


About Luxembourg City


Hundreds of Amazonians enjoy working in Luxembourg. Quality of life, location within Europe, a diverse and expat-friendly culture, and an international education for children, are just some of the reasons why skilled and innovative colleagues first decided to join us here. Meet Rachel, Ana, Gil, Jake and Olga - Amazonians who call Luxembourg home. 

Welcome to Amazon Luxembourg!

Luxembourg continues to be a destination for many Amazonians every single year. What’s it like to live here? What’s it like to work here? What’s it like to raise a family here? Hear from Amazon employees in our Luxembourg office and learn more about open roles.

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Discover how Amazon has grown to become one of the top five employers in Luxembourg.

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Bordered on all sides by its much larger neighbours – Belgium, France and Germany – Luxembourg is the world's only remaining sovereign Grand Duchy. The official language is Luxembourgish, but French and German are administrative languages. Foreign residents account for 48% of the total population. Unsurprisingly for a country with a large international community, English is widely spoken and understood.

Amazonians enjoy many benefits living and working in Luxembourg:


Social security

State-funded healthcare

International education

Free public transport

Good connections

Strong labour market

High living wage

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