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Luxembourg City


About Luxembourg City

What's good to know

Hundreds of Amazonians enjoy working in Luxembourg. Quality of life, the location within Europe, a diverse, expat-friendly culture, and children’s international education are just some of the reasons why skilled and innovative colleagues first decided to join us here. Meet Rachel, Ana, Gil, Jake and Olga - Amazonians who call Luxembourg home. 

Watch our 'Welcome to Luxembourg' video to find out more about living and working in the city.

Bordered on all sides by its much larger neighbors – Belgium, France and Germany – Luxembourg is the world's only remaining sovereign Grand Duchy. The official language is Luxembourgish but French and German are administrative languages. Unsurprisingly, English is widely understood. Foreign residents account for 48% of the total population.  

Although small, the country has a highly developed economy with the highest GDP per capita in the world. Click through to discover more about the high quality healthcare, education and pension systems in Luxembourg and the Duchy’s financial support for parents. Information on the cost of living is here.

Luxembourg’s small size means Amazonians can live in, or close to, the city center. Others prefer living in the countryside that accounts for over a third of the territory and at a short distance from our offices. Some employees prefer to commute daily to Luxembourg from the neighboring countries under the Schengen free-movement agreement and their commuting times by car are better than within many capital cities. The network of buses, trains and a tram service will become free to use in 2020, making Luxembourg the first country to offer free public transport for its residents.


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