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Alexa Household Organization

“Alexa, what’s on my calendar today?”

Too many things to do. Too few hours in the day. Sound familiar? Look no further.

The mission of the Alexa Household Organization team is to use Alexa to help families stay organized and connected to each other, building daily habits and making life run a little more smoothly. From setting timers while cooking to checking daily schedules and waking up to Alexa’s alarm tone, we help customers manage their time more easily using only their voice. We also help customers get things done and keep their lives in order with services like shopping and to-do lists on Alexa.

We are evolving these experiences to make them more conversational and intelligent. But we are just scratching the surface of how we can help make homes run more smoothly and help families stay connected. We are looking for full-stack software developers with strong coding and communication skills and experience building high-performance, reliable systems. Beyond technical chops, we seek developers who share our passion for improving the lives of millions of customers.

We are also hiring Software Development Managers, Product Managers, Voice and UI Designers, Knowledge Engineers, and Business Analysts. To learn more, check out our open positions below.

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