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Alexa Search

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Alexa Search – Empowering your voice to find anything

Alexa search is part of our ongoing Alexa Information efforts focused on reinventing information extraction and retrieval for a voice-forward, multi-modal future. At Alexa Search, we think that “I don’t know” or “Sorry, I’m not sure about that” are not acceptable Alexa's answers. They are our call to action from a technological standpoint.

Alexa Search team's charter is to build new experiences and platforms powered by scalable information systems, cutting-edge machine learning, and conversational AI technologies. We build the system that answers the hardest questions Alexa users ask. Accessed directly by customers who interact with Alexa on more than hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices worldwide, the potential impact to the Alexa business is huge.

We are introducing new sets of data that were not available to the Alexa customer before, which can allow a single voice to find previously unreachable answers and creating a new experience with Alexa. What’s exciting about this is that we are still in the early phases of defining our system.

Currently, there are ton of opportunities to design, and architect new solutions that will impact millions. Alexa Search continues to make the response“I don’t know” a thing of the past and enrich the Alexa customer experience. Are you ready to embrace the challenge? If you want to work on ground-breaking technologies and with remarkable people together to delight millions of people worldwide, the Alexa Search team welcomes you aboard! We are looking for Technical Program Managers, Software Development Engineers, Software Development Managers and Applied Scientists to join our teams in Seattle, WA, Manahattan Beach, CA and Boston, MA, but also in Berlin, Germany and Cambridge, UK.

Alexa Search

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