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Starting with the customer and working backwards

Amazon has launched innovative devices to a global customer base, from Kindle to Amazon Echo. As we dream up new devices, we have many questions to answer. What features will our products need to delight customers? How will we position the devices in the market? What is our go-to-market strategy? What should the detail pages look like on  How will we use feedback to constantly improve the customer experience?

The Amazon Devices Marketing and Product Management teams answer these questions; they set the feature requirements, strategy, and marketing message for devices that reach customers around the world.

Within Product Management and Product Marketing, we have opportunities focused in three areas: Go-to-market (pre-purchase), engagement strategy (post-purchase), and sales category management. Go-to-market PMs start with the customer and work backwards to understand how to position devices and innovate to meet customers’ needs. Engagement-focused PMs focus on driving engagement with our products at different touch-points, from the product detail page on to email and the customer experience on the device itself. Thinking creatively and experimentally on different ways to drive engagement from ideation to execution is key for this role.

Sales category management involves running a devices business line in a general manager type of role; these PMs are responsible for pricing, positioning, promotion, channel placement, P&L, financial structure, and more. PM team members work together collaboratively throughout the product lifecycle to launch, deliver, and create an ongoing relationship with our customers and their devices.

Marketers within our team cover a broad swathe of specialties, from advertising our devices to packaging and offline marketing. We look for marketers who are well-rounded in the fundamentals of marketing, able to work with cross-functional teams, and capable of using their analytical skills to make decisions.

As Amazon Product Managers and Marketers, we make decisions quickly, take bold risks, and feel empowered to come up with innovative ideas and test them quickly. In our scrappy, entrepreneurial culture, we are not afraid to question previous assumptions as we launch new products and constantly push ourselves to improve. We are looking for new talent to join our team with the ability to effectively communicate across teams, crisply talk through goals and priorities, and elucidate customer needs. Come and join us!  

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