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Our mission is to be the most loved shopping experience on Earth. And we’re looking for team members who share our passion.


Power, design, and build

Shopping powers customer experiences on Amazon Stores worldwide, from the front-end customer experience to back-end services and technology. Whether it’s our technical teams leveraging machine learning or business teams launching new experiences like customer reviews highlights, visual search experiences, or social collaborative shopping capabilities, we innovate for customers on a massive scale.

Our teams run the Amazon store from product discovery to purchase and everything in between. We power the Amazon homepage, product search and discovery customer reviews, personalized recommendations, and even shopping with Alexa. We’re an innovators playground, where builders can create new experiences that will reach hundreds of millions of customers.

Meet some of the Amazonians in Shopping

  • FINAL Valerie Edit.PNG

    I started at Amazon as a software engineer straight out of college. I’ve had incredibly supportive teams and managers that taught me the ropes and invested in me to become the Amazonian I am today. After a couple of years as an engineer, I transitioned to a software development manager. My manager really believed in me and helped me lean into my superpowers. She supported me at every step, and I couldn’t be more grateful to her and all the others that were willing to take a chance on me.

    Valerie L.Software Development Manager
  • FINAL Pranu Edit.PNG

    I started as a senior product marketing manager on Shoppable Video Ads. The role let me use my technical, product, and execution skills to give customers the ability to shop for a product advertised on their TV screens with a click of their remotes. With successful launches of interactive/shoppable video ads, my role expanded. I now own the strategy and product roadmap for shopping and exploring products on Fire TV and Alexa Built-In TV.

    Pranu J.Lead Technical Product Manager
  • FINAL Linsey Edit.PNG

    What I love most about Amazon Shopping is the autonomy to forge your career path and continually scratch that “learn and be curious” itch. Amazon is this rare company that allows you to explore and pursue different paths and interests. My second favorite thing is there is always someone smarter than you in the room. It’s such a privilege to be able to come to work every day and be surrounded by and learn from so many experts.

    Linsey M.Principal Product Manager

Learn more about Shopping

  • Core Shopping

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    The Core Shopping team owns many of the tech features and functionality for, from the homepage to checkout.

  • Universal Shopping Experience

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    This is the team responsible for all the UI/UX design and user research that goes into

  • Mobile

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    The Mobile team builds, launches, and manages Amazon’s business on mobile websites and apps.

  • Social Shopping

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    This team is responsible for our product reviews, recommendations, Wishlist, and much more.

Browse by team

  • Core Shopping

    Our team builds the experiences and systems that enable every customer on earth to authenticate, discover, evaluate, and purchase products and services across Amazon.

  • Search

    Our team is responsible for the search and discovery experience for our customers worldwide. If you have searched for an item to buy on Amazon, you have used our search services.

  • Personalization

    Our team is responsible for the recommendation and content optimization systems that personalize the shopping, devices, and digital content experiences for Amazon customers worldwide.

  • Shopping Design

    Our team designs the global Amazon shopping experience. We own and design the features that make it easy to discover, evaluate, and transact on Amazon.

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