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EMEA Military Recruiting

We actively seek leaders who can invent, think big, have a bias for action and deliver results on behalf of our customers. These principles look very familiar to men and women who have served our country in the armed forces, and we find that their experience leading people is invaluable in our fast-paced work environment.

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Military team members offer a regular series of webinars and virtual events that provide an in-depth look into Amazon culture as well as information about individual teams and job opportunities for veterans.

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Meet some of our employees in Italy

Elena C.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Operations Manager | Rome, Italy

Elena is a former Italian Air Force Senior Officer. She attended Aeronautical Academy and became a military pilot in 2006. In 2020 she joined Amazon as an Area Manager in a Delivery Station south of Rome (DLZ2). In July 2021 she took the role of Diversity Equity and Inclusion Operations Manager in Amazon Logistic Italy.

In her own worlds: “After 20 years spent as a military pilot in the Italian Air Force, I got the chance to become part of Amazon. Here, aptitude and skills that militaries gained while serving are valued and you can have the chance to find the right field where you can apply them. Just to name some: Ability to improvise, adapt, overcome, apply methods and standard to an operative context.”

Alfredo P.

Site Leader and Third Party Logistic County Manager | Spilamberto, Italy

Alfredo is a former Officer of the Airmobile Infantry Regiment where he served as Platoon and Company commander as first and as staff Officer. He had been the armed forces for 13 years, doing two tours in Afghanistan and National support activities as support to the population after the earthquake and joint patrolling with Police forces. Alfredo joined Amazon in 2016 and he took part of different launches of new sites and had an experience abroad for two years. Now he is Site Leader in BLQ8 in Spilamberto (MO), the first robotic Sort Center in Italy.

“After 13 years in the Army I had the opportunity to join Amazon. I served the Airmobile infantry Regiment and I had the opportunity to serve twice in Afghanistan and take part in different activities on national territory, such as support after the earthquake and joint patrolling in Campania. These experiences gave me the right level of people and time management that were important in my journeys here in Amazon. In the Company I had the opportunity to be part of different launches of new sites and to work abroad for two years. I think that Amazon is the right place to combine my military background in a fast paste environment where lead by example is the key.”

Soonik N.

Loss Prevention Specialist | Cividate al Piano, Italy

Soonik is a former Officer of the Afghan Armed Forces. She had been the first Afghan woman sent in Italy to complete her military education and she attended the military Academy in Modena and the Carabinieri officer school in Rome.
As she completed her studies, she remained in Italy due to the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, she is currently working at Amazon as a Loss Prevention specialist in BGY1 near Bergamo, where she is in charge of providing security services and asset protection.

“I am so grateful and excited to be a part of Amazon family. My previous experience in the Military Academy allowed me to navigate through high-stress environments, with the pressure of achieving goals in a limited time, improving my leadership, staff management and team working skills. I am looking forward to learn and contribute to the excellent work which has always been done at Amazon.”

Antonello D.

Delivery Station Manager | Camerano, Italy

Antonello is a former Italian Army Officer. He attended the Military Academy in 2006 were he got a Master's Degree in Strategic Sciences and since 2011 he was first deployed as Platoon Commander and then as Company Commander taking part to several Operations both abroad and in homeland territory. After serving for 14 years his Country, in 2020 while getting a Degree in Economics, he joined Amazon as an Area Manager in a Delivery Station close to Rimini, working in a fast-paced and challenging last mile logistics environment. In April 2021 he took the role of Change Manager and in July 2022 he started acting as Delivery Station Manager in Ancona.

"After 14 years spent as a Army Officer, I got the chance to become part of Amazon. Here I immediately felt welcomed and my skills valued. In Amazon Teamwork and Inclusion are the keystone for success, everyone is supported and no one is left behind. My military approach helped me to immediately adapt in a challenging and fast-paced environment and after 2 years everyday is still exciting as Day 1".

Meet some of our employees in France

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Augustin D.

Area Manager | Augny, France

Ce que j'aime le plus dans le travail chez Amazon, c'est l'opportunité d'apprendre et de découvrir de nouveaux sujets. Il y a toujours des problèmes qui doivent être résolus et il est toujours reconnaissant de trouver une solution. La seule limite est votre motivation ! Dans mes temps libres, j’aime passer du temps à pratiquer de nombreux sports et sports extrêmes comme le parachutisme.

Oriane S.

Area Manager | Ormes, France

Selon Oriane, les anciens militaires sont particulièrement qualifiés pour travailler chez Amazon.

"Amazon est organisé autour de principes de leadership que nous ne verbalisons pas forcément dans l'armée, mais que nous appliquons au quotidien."

Matteo Luca S.

IT Manager | Montelimar, France

Globalement, je me sens valorisé et écouté de travailler dans une si grande entreprise où nos missions sont principalement influencées par nos envies et nos envies. De plus, Amazon nous donne la possibilité de rester en contact avec des personnes partageant les mêmes valeurs en faisant partie de groupes d'affinité.

En effet, le France Warriors Chapter met en relation vétérans et réservistes partout en France. Notre objectif est d'adapter les principes de la communauté Warriors en France. De plus, nous sommes prêts à ouvrir nos esprits aux pays frontaliers, en organisant des rassemblements avec leurs Chapitres respectifs. D'un côté, diriger ce groupe et faire face aux contraintes organisationnelles dues à la taille de l'infrastructure Amazon a amélioré mes compétences en leadership. D'autre part, servir comme adjudant réserviste auprès des futurs officiers de la Marine Nationale m'a aidé à devenir décideur et proactif chez Amazon.

Meet some of our employees in Spain

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Martin R.

Area Manager | Barcelona, Spain

What I love about being part of Amazon is its Day 1 culture. Facing new challenges every day and having Bias for Action as a principle, gives you the support you need to make impact decisions!

Cristina del Rocio M.

Area Manager | Illescas, Spain

What I like most about working at Amazon is its philosophy of continuous improvement and the opportunities you have to develop personally and professionally. Amazon is a company that goes beyond those you knew before.

Outside of work, I have many hobbies! The one I dedicate the most time to is running. I am also fond of cooking food from different countries and cultures and spending time with my two naughty dogs.

Ahmad A.

Loss Prevention Specialist | Madrid, Spain

Joining Amazon was such a dream for me. And now I'm living this dream, learning every single moment from the world's highest professional team. Since I started, I was applying my knowledge as ex-military. And I'm really surprised about the information flow we have at Amazon. Every single day is Day 1 for me, because every single day I'm learning new things that maybe outside of Amazon would take much longer time to learn it. I'm really proud to be an Amazonian.

Meet some of our employees in Germany

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Lasse P.

Loss Prevention Manager | Hamburg, Germany

“Die unglaublich schnell sich ändernde Lage und die sich ständig ändernden Parameter, sind zuerst etwas erschreckend, aber auch immer eine Herausforderung. Es heißt immer „Jeder Tag ist Tag1“ und das ist wirklich nicht nur eine Phrase! Als Veteran weiß ich nur zu gut, kein Plan übersteht den ersten Feindkontakt! Dieser stetige Wandel und die Geschwindigkeit der Entscheidungsfindung zum Teil auch mit einem unvollständigen Lagebild, treiben einen dazu an sich Tag für Tag zu steigern und stätig zu Verbessern.“
In seiner Freizeit verbringt Lasse Zeit mit seiner Familie und kocht leidenschaftlich gerne für Freunde und die Familie!

Miriam E.

Recruiter | Virtual, Germany

Als ich von der Möglichkeit hörte bei Amazon einzusteigen, musste ich mich sofort bewerben, da es als eines der militärfreundlichsten Unternehmen bekannt ist. Amazon biet Flexibilität sowie die Arbeit in einem großartigen Umfeld und es bestehen gute Möglichkeiten, seine eigene Karriere aufzubauen.

Als militärische Ehepartnerin reist man viel um die Welt und wechselt sehr oft den Standort. Die eigene Karriere bleibt dabei im Hintergrund, was einen beruflich zurückwirft. Amazon bietet Flexibilität am Arbeitsplatz und mein Job ermöglicht es mir, auch bei einer Versetzung meines Mannes, im home-office weiter zu arbeiten und meine Karriere weiterzuentwickeln.

Alexander B.

Delivery Station Manager | Nützen, Germany

Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt: Das ist nicht nur zentrales Führungsprinzip bei der Bundeswehr, sondern auch bei Amazon Logistics. Die bei den Streitkräften gelernten Führungsfähigkeiten bilden eine hervorragende Grundlage für eine erfolgreiche Karriere bei Amazon. So gehören zwar sowohl als Soldat, als auch als Area Manager, viele technische Aspekte mit zum Beruf, jedoch ist der tägliche Umgang mit Menschen ganz verschiedener Hintergründe immer das Kerngeschäft. Wer hieran Spaß hat, und täglich noch etwas dazu lernen möchte, ist bei Amazon Logistics genau richtig.

Meet some of our employees in the UK

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Louise T.

Pathways Operations Manager | Tilbury, UK

“When the time came to leave the military,” said Louise, “I wanted a role that offered me a similar experience in terms of leadership and development opportunities.

"Amazon is a great fit for me because a lot of the skills we learn in the military resonate really well with jobs at the company. It’s exciting, fast paced and has countless opportunities to develop. The emphasis on implementing new ideas is fantastic and really appeals to me.”

Tony H.

Senior Operations Manager | London, United Kingdom

“Before I joined Amazon, I had been a Captain in the British Army,” he said. “In May 2009, I was in a firefight in the desert and in the aftermath, my vehicle drove over a mine. The blast shattered both my feet and snapped my left arm."

“Multiple operations couldn’t save one of my legs, so I made the decision to proceed with an amputation and in 2013, I was medically discharged. I threw myself into coaching, mentoring and even took part in the Dakar Rally and Invictus Games. But it came to the point where I wanted to lead a team again - and what bigger and better company to do this with than Amazon.”

Helen H.

Apprenticeships Sr Program Mgr | London, United Kingdom

“I worked in both the Royal Navy and RAF around the same time that I was getting married and having children,” shared Helen, who now works at the Amazon delivery station in Hemel Hempstead.

“From helping deliver packages to customers who were isolating during the pandemic to setting up charity partnerships with Rennie Grove Hospice and Together for Short Lives, I love my time working with Amazon because of the variety and the opportunities that are available to progress.” she said.

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