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Anuj K.

Senior Manager, Software Development

For Anuj K., working for Amazon means endless opportunity. “I’ve lived in India, Australia, the US, and now I live in Vancouver, Canada,” Anuj explained. “My wife and I will sometimes talk about ‘what’s next?’ and I tell her, ‘I work for Amazon. And that means we can go anywhere in the world.’” As a Senior Manager and Software Developer on the People Technology team, Anuj is working to make sure thousands of hopeful Amazonians can have that same feeling someday. “I manage engineering Amazon’s custom recruiting platforms,” he explained. “One of our legacy recruiting tools was unable to handle Amazon’s applicant volumes as they grew over time, so we’re building high-scale systems to enable the company to keep growing its talent at the speed of our business.” Anuj personally finds this challenging project exciting. “The entire experience is like a start-up, which is fun,” he explained. “But then I remember we’re backed by one of the most successful companies in the world, and that makes this project even better.”

Anuj and his team are laser-focused on their many different types of customers. “If you really look at all the things Amazon does, we are not just one company – we are a company of companies,” Anuj explained. “We make sure the best systems are in place to help our recruiting teams hire for many different roles.” Anuj and his team also use Amazon’s desire to be ‘Earth’s most customer-centric company’ as another guiding light. “In developing new recruiting systems, we are focused on creating Earth’s most candidate-centric technology.” We want our system to be simple and effective for candidates and all business teams.”

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We're a company of pioneers. It's our job to make bold bets, and we get our energy from inventing on behalf of customers. Success is measured against the possible, not the probable. For today’s pioneers, that’s exactly why there’s no place on Earth they’d rather build than Amazon.