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Reliability and Maintenance Engineering (EMEA)

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Reliability and Maintenance Engineering.

RME for short.

Deep in the heart of Amazon, the RME team creates, reinvents and maintains cutting-edge technologies that allow us to build the equipment and processes of the future. They’re passionate about innovation at every step of the process. They’re also the gatekeepers who ensure the durable quality and operational state of our machines.

At every Amazon site, this team works on around three tech innovation projects a year. They’re the artists who make our processes smoother, faster and more efficient every year. Thanks to their expertise, our facilities can deliver tens of thousands of packages day after day. They're central to the success of Amazon worldwide.

Who we are and what we do.

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Our team in EMEA.

Hear more about RME roles directly from team members who do the job every day.

Meet Rachel

Rachel Cooke, an RME leader based in Luxembourg, discusses how RME creates a world-class maintenance culture at Amazon.

Meet Keith

Keith Robertson-Browne, an EU Program Manager based in the UK, shares how the business encourages global innovations in the RME space.

Meet Mireille

Mireill Thiaw, an RME Planner in France, describes RME as close-knit team with the common goal of continuous improvement.

Who am I going to meet on the day of my interview?

As part of your final stage interviews, you will meet with team members representing different business functions, such as Human Resources, business stakeholders, and RME. It is a great opportunity to connect with potential future colleagues and customers and understand who they are and what they do within Amazon. Each interviewer is an experienced member of our hiring team and has held many interviews during their time at Amazon. Feel free to address any question you may have directly to them.

I am interviewing for a Technician position and I was asked to complete a technical assessment. What is this referring to?

As part of the recruitment process for this position, you will be asked to complete an online assessment that evaluates your mechanical skills, electrical skills, and safety awareness. You will be sent a link to complete the assessment along with information about the recruitment process. Please note that as part of the assessment there is some information specific to the role that you need to respond to. Upon successful completion of this stage of the recruitment process, the next stage will be a final interview with a member of the hiring team.

How should I prepare my examples for my final interview?

Our interviews are rooted in behavioral-based questions that focus on past situations or challenges you have faced and how you handled them. When considering examples to share with the team, think about how they align with the Amazon Leadership Principles. To structure your answers, use the STAR method: Situation, Task, Action, Result. For instance, when providing an example from your career where you demonstrated a specific Leadership Principle, start by describing the context you were in, followed by the specific task you faced, then the concrete actions you took, and finally the impact of those actions. The more specific and detailed your examples are, the better.

Any additional tips for what types of details to include?

Provide examples that are relevant to the role you have applied for and use them to showcase your functional expertise. Focus on your most significant professional experiences, whether they are great accomplishments, success stories, strategic projects, or challenging situations. Your interviewers will assess the complexity of your examples to determine the level of your experience. Think about examples where you can demonstrate measurable actions or results. Amazon is a data-driven company and we constantly use data to determine the best course of action. Describe the different steps you took, as your interviewer will probably look for additional details with follow-up questions. You might be asked about a time where you had to work through a professional failure - be prepared to discuss it using the STAR method. It will be most important to talk about what steps you took afterwards (i.e. how did you course correct, what path-to-green steps did you take, what did you or your team learn from it).

Will there be any questions directly about my experience?

Interviewers will not go over your CV specifically, as this has been done in a previous step of your application process. However, when assessing Leadership Principles, interviewers will ask about specific examples from your professional experience and might touch on situations across your career. That is why we recommend you to reflect on how you have applied our Leadership Principles in the past. Some questions will be around technical aspects too. We do not necessarily test your technical knowledge, but going through your previous work experiences will give an indication to our RME interviewers of your functional skills.

How can I find out more about Amazon RME?

Visit our landing page for more information about the scope of the team’s work, brief descriptions of different positions within RME, and employee stories that will give you an overview of the RME culture. Additionally, if you want to deep dive into our technology, you can watch one of our virtual tours. Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you may have throughout the course of the interview process to get the full picture of what it’s like to work in RME!

Who do I connect with about terms and conditions of employment?

Your recruiter will reach out to you, either in the beginning of the recruitment process or once you proceed to the final interview. During your conversation with your recruiter, you will discuss compensation and other terms of employment. If you are unsure who your recruiter is, reach out to your recruitment coordinator, who will point you in the right direction.

Outside the behavioural interviewing, what other types of questions should I prepare for?

Your interviewers are likely to ask you about your motivation to join the role or team you are interviewing for. Be prepared to talk about what attracts you to Amazon, what you are hoping to gain from the role, and your personal development goals.

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